Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pedro Almodovar Quotes

One of the greatest film maker of this decade, I have always loved his movies my fav being e tu mama tambien..

With this silent film, I wanted to hide what was going on in the clinic. I wanted to cover it up in the best cinematic way and in an entertaining manner.
~Pedro Almodovar Quotes

When I choose a color, it's often intuitively, but always with a cinematic sense.
~Pedro Almodovar Quotes

The 1980s really ended for me in 1992 with the film Kika.
~Pedro Almodovar Quotes

I used this line to demonstrate how important colors are in movies: It's not a caprice.
~Pedro Almodovar Quotes

All my movies are difficult to classify because they are very eclectic in mixing genres.
~Pedro Almodovar Quotes
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